St Kilda – the stacks

When we were ready to leave St Kilda, our boat took us on a jaunt around the bottom of Boreray, Stac Lee and Stac an Armin. They are huge chunks of rock rearing straight out of the sea, and towered above our tiny wee boat.

Stac Lee, with the main St Kildan island of Hirta in the background

Photo - Boreray, Stac Lee, Hirta and Soay, St Kilda, Scotland


Almost every available ledge on Stac an Armin seemed to have a gannet sitting on it.

Gannets on Stac an Armin, St Kilda

Photo - gannet colony on Stac an Armin, St Kilda, Scotland


Boreray was the only stack that seemed to have any colour.

Boreray, St Kilda, Scotland

Photo - Boreray, in the St Kilda archipelago, 50 miles off the coast of Scotland

Author: Photography Scotland

Ros Gasson is a music, events and landscape photographer from Scotland. She also plays the fiddle with Da Hooley ceilidh band, and teaches the string Circle fiddle class in Edinburgh.